Katie Scepanski - 1st Grade


I (Katie Scepanski) was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July of 1980. I was baptized and remained a member at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Milwaukee through my college years. I went to Hi Mount for Kindergarten, St. Catherine’s Catholic school for 1st-3rd grade, and joined the Whitnall School District for 5th-12th grade after moving to Greenfield in 1988.  

Although I was in public school for most of my life, my faith continued to grow with the help of my mother who diligently took me to church and Sunday school every Sunday.

In high school, I played clarinet and danced with the color guard for the Whitnall Falcons Marching Band. I was also involved in Winter guard (an indoor Color guard experience) and was on the pom-pon squad. God is Good! He provided me with great learning opportunities and many friendships made through each one of these activities.

After high school, I went on to Concordia University Wisconsin. I spent 5 years at Concordia, again, blessed with many learning experiences and lots of great memories! I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Family Studies. 

2003 was a year of many changes for me. A month after graduating from Concordia, my husband,Jacob, and I were married at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church. Two months later and just a couple of weeks before school started, I accepted my first call to St. Peter-Immanuel to begin my service of teaching. I taught Kindergarten for two years until they “peacefully released” me because of a low budget. That’s ok, though, because it was just God opening up a new door for me! God is Good! After several up’s and down’s God proved to me again that He is trustworthy. He provided me with the opportunity to serve Him and His people at Elm Grove Lutheran. I started teaching 1st grade and I am still here! I can’t even begin to number the many opportunities God has and continues to provide me to grow as His servant in this place. I have accepted and carried out responsibilities I never thought I could. If I have learned anything it truly is to TRUST in the LORD and that the LORD will provide (also, to ask for forgiveness for all the times I was tempted and doubted His love and power).

Aside from teaching, I have a wonderful family that I love to spend time with. God is Good! I have a wonderful husband and two children, Danielle (6th grade) and Brandon (4th grade). I couldn’t have been blessed with a better family. We love to watch the Packers together, play board games together, ride bikes, fish and swim at the lake, take walks with the dog, and lounge around with our cats! 

Throughout my life, I have truly learned to thank God for ALL things, the good AND the bad. He is merciful and FULL of love for all. He has done more with my life than I have ever dreamed it to be. I can’t wait to see what else He has planned for me!