Parent Teacher League

President Amy Williams
Vice President  
Service Hours Coordinator  
Room Coordinator  
Fundraising Coordinator  
Faculty Representative  
High Interest Day Committee  


Service Hours

Service hours can be recorded in the school office or by using the email link below.  K-8 parents are expected to put in 10 hours / semester and PreK parents are expected to put in 5 hours / semester.

PTL Credo

Steps of Service
Carry out our mission with pride and determination
Comply with our duties for our chosen leadership role
Foster cooperation between the parents and teachers
Participate in PTL activities and events

Our Motto

“We are parents serving as partners in education”

As parents our involvement in our children’s surroundings provides a source of security and pride.

The PTL Promise

At EGLS, our teachers and parents are the most important resource in our service to God, Home and School.

By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize our God given talents to the benefit of our children and school.

PTL fosters an environment where teachers are valued, quality of education is enhanced, students aspirations are fulfilled and God’s mission is strengthened.

The PTL Mission

We strive to provide opportunities for enhancement educationally, spiritually and socially to the children, parents and educators it serves.